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It is an indisputable fact that gulf flower schools have attained an enviable level in the field of academies. Frankly speaking, the school has recorded innumerable success in every segment of academics and non-academic programmes, both at the states and federal levels.
As we know, private schools are meant to be citadels of learning where high moral standard, discipline and the fear of God are expected to be inculcated in the pupils with a difference. Regarding the qualities stated above, Gulf flower schools administrators outstandingly discharge these responsibilities without reserve.
No form of laxity is tolerated in any academic sphere neither are morals and diligence toyed with.
In the area of academic performance, we believe that the worth of a school can best be measured through its performance in public examinations as state Entrance and Federal Entrance Examination and inter schools academic and non-academic competitions. The state Entrance Examination and Federal Entrance Examination of Gulf Flower School pupils in recent years have proven that the school is equipped with qualified and experienced teachers.
Finally the introduction of various activities in the school makes it a home away from home for the pupils in order to achieve the vision of the school which is to produce educationally sound pupils for future challenges. The activities include Swimming, Show and Tell, Taekwando, Sports, Club and Society, Music etc.
Therefore, the school is assuring you a quality service. Thanks

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Primary School Address:
No.6 Atanda Alonge Street, Off Miyaki Oworonshoki, Lagos.

Hot Lines:
08063153603, 08029741041


High School Address:
No.1 Gulf Flower Close, Sand Beach II, off Alonge/Miyaki Junction, Oworonshoki, Lagos.

Hot Lines:
08134937792, 08054821602, 08027488617