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The curriculum is the planned academic programme we expect our students to conform with. The curriculum is structured to adapt to contemporary learning/teaching practices such as jolly Phonics and Montessori packages. These complement the stipulated Federal Ministry of Education School curriculum.

First steps over the threshold

This represents the first break with the routines of home and the first anxieties for parents. At the Nursery & Primary, we make sure your child feels secure, has access to the best facilities and activities, and receives a gentle introduction to learning.


Learning goes hand in hand with the provision of basic facilities. Gulf flower proudly flaunts:

  • Conducive air condition classrooms.
  • 45 KVA power generating plant.
  • A spacious playground with recreational objects.
  • Modern air conditioned school buses.


The school engages the students in various forms of extracurricular activities to keep them physically, socially and mentally alert. These include: yearly excursions, sporting activities as: taekwondo, swimming and track and field events. They slug it out in clubs like literary and debate society, press club, music club and more. The nation’s traditional heritages are celebrated yearly and horned in the existing cultural groups. Others include choreography and show- and –tell.


A placement test is conducted before a child is admitted into a desired class. All test are conducted in English hence, prospective pupils must have an adequate knowledge of the language. The school admits:

A Pre-age -2years A NurseryI - 3 – 4 years
B Pre-age -2 - 3 years B NurseryII - 4– 5 years

A Basic 1: 5 -6 years A Basic IV: 8 – 9 years
B Basic II: 6- 7 years B Basic V : 9 –10 years
C Basic III: 7-8 years C Basic VI:10-11 years


The pupils’ school uniform is unique and make the look prim and proper. Male pupils wear a blue and white striped shirt and a blue short. The female wear a blue and white striped dress. This goes along with a white pair of stocks and a black leather shoe. The uniform is worn throughout the week except on Wednesdays when they are mandated to wear the school sport wear.


Boarders are expected to have eaten in the dining area before 7:25am. All day students that bring food to school should eat it only during the short or long break while those without can get hygienically prepared food from the school kitchen.


  • Students must always be punctual
  • School resumes 7:30am daily.
  • Always dress very neatly to school
  • Observe all the school etiquette
  • Ensure you do your homework/assignments regularly.
  • Report cases of abuse/bully to the teachers.
  • Use the toilets wisely/neatly.
  • Always maintain perfect silence in the school.
  • If you are not feeling healthy, stay at home.
  • The use of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones are not allowed by students.
  • English is the only approved language in the school
  • Staffroom is out of bound for students. 13. Loitering during the school hours is not allowed.
  • Examination malpractice is an offence. 15. Report unhealthy situation to the nurse.
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 I welcome you to Gulf Flower schools. A citadel of learning, where  children are being actively encouraged to develop their physical, mental and other related skills. It is a group of academic institutions where children are being assisted  in the discovery  and development  of their” God Given”  talents .

Our schools offer a variety of opportunities within its broad curriculum and extra curricula activities. Despite the broadness of the curriculum:  We do not relent in high  academic standard, respect for the latest policy  in Nigeria educational system ,  high level of devotion to discipline and high moral standard ..

We aim at providing a stimulating, fascinating and productive education through the combination of both the traditional and modern  methods of teaching. Our schools are adequately/well equipped with modern ICT facilities, science laboratory equipment, Introductory technology workshop, Music studio, Art studio and modern transport system (modern school buses, under the management of God fearing and experienced drivers). Qualified, competent, seasoned and experienced teachers.

Above all ,we aim at providing our pupils and students the best expected of us. We are fully prepared to give them confidence in their abilities, confidence to work individually or as a team and confidence to always see themselves as future leaders.

In conclusion, we thank you all for choosing Gulf Flower Schools to pursue your educational goals. As already stated above, our schools are adequately equipped with seasoned, experienced and God fearing teachers and management team who will work together to give you the necessary moral and academic counsels. Not only that the team is also ready  to give you family support in all ramifications. While here  in Gulf flower schools, you will be expected to be academically serious minded to ensure you catch up with our high quality standard for academic success, for that is truly our main benchmark for effective and qualitative learning.

We are highly delighted to welcome you once again. For additional information ,do not hesitate to contact us . remain blessed.

 Gulf Flower High School is a co educational secondary school located in a serene area of Oworonshoki, Lagos state ,  the centre of excellence in Nigeria. It operates the Universal Basic Education scheme (UBE) ,with a focus on promoting and moulding dedication and diligence in the minds of the young ones that it nurtures.. it enforces this by a system of Godliness and nationalism that will make them ( the students) stand out among their peers in academics, dedication to duties, high moral standard and service to mankind.
With decades of experience in the educational industry, Gulf Flower High School has transformed  from operating only : “day system “ to both “day and boarding systems”. It ethos of simplicity and modesty  have been deployed in providing a caring family that strives for excellence, coupled with infrastructural facilities that would enable the students to maximize their potentials.
Gulf Flower High School assures you of a comprehensive secondary school education, that will develop knowledge, skills and the right attitudes for your wards/ children to grow in the fear of God.. they will be equipped to live a life filled with faith in the Almighty , in humility, high moral standard, integrity and with outstanding academic excellence. The  staff of the school is a team of professionals that are able to  nurture your wards/children successfully.
In conclusion, you are highly welcome to the school commissioned by God to provide friendly and fatherly services  to your wards/children, a school that creates a path of success and bright future for the young minds of the world. You are hereby invited to be partakers of success and greatness as you register your wards/children  with us in this “SUCCESS  CENTRED Citadel of learning...

Contact Us

Primary School Address:
No.6 Atanda Alonge Street, Off Miyaki Oworonshoki, Lagos.

Hot Lines:
08063153603, 08029741041


High School Address:
No.1 Gulf Flower Close, Sand Beach II, off Alonge/Miyaki Junction, Oworonshoki, Lagos.

Hot Lines:
08134937792, 08054821602, 08027488617